Calendar update with residency lectures

Find the residency lectures scheduled for January, February and March in the Event Page


In summary:

21 Jan. “Continuous renal replacement therapy”, Dott.ssa F. Ferrari

28 Jan “Hemodynamic monitoring”, Dott. G. Tavazzi

30 Jan. “Blood management in anesthesia”, Dott. B Mascia, Dott. D. Passador

4 Feb. “Anesthesia in ostetrics”, Dott. ssa P. Delmonte

6 Feb. “Critical ventilation: target, limits, strategies”, Prof. F. Mojoli

13 Feb. “Basic lung and diaphragm ultrasound”, Dott. ssa S. Mongodi

20 Feb. “Non heart-beating donor”, Dott.ssa M. Zanierato

27 Feb. “Perioperative volemia management”, Dott. G. Maggio

18 Mar. “Principles of acupuncture”, Dott. ssa M. Ilardi

20 Mar. “Pain therapy in intensive care unit”, Dott. F. Cavalloro


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