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Via G, Lichtenstein D, Mojoli F, Rodi G, Neri L, Storti E, Klersy C, Iotti G, Braschi A. Abstract PURPOSE: Whole lung lavage (WLL) pathophysiologically represents a human model of controlled lung de-aeration, resembling various pathological conditions encountered in the critically ill. Through one-lung ventilation and progressive alveolar flooding, it mimics, respectively, re-absorption atelectasis formation […]

Breitkreutz R, Uddin S, Steiger H, Ilper H, Steche M, Walcher F, Via G, Price S Abstract AIM: We describe a training programme for non-specialists in focused echocardiography in the periresuscitation setting which represents an entry level in echocardiography training (FEEL) for emergency and critical care medicine physicians. METHODS: A prospective observational study based upon […]