Price S, Via G, Sloth E, Guarracino F, Breitkreutz R, Catena E, Talmor D; World Interactive Network Focused On Critical UltraSound ECHO-ICU Group Abstract Echocardiography is increasingly used in the management of the critically ill patient as a non-invasive diagnostic and monitoring tool. Whilst in few countries specialized national training schemes for intensive care unit […]

Mojoli F, Iotti GA, Gerletti M, Lucarini C, Braschi A. Abstract OBJECTIVE: To define how to monitor and limit CO(2) rebreathing during helmet ventilation. DESIGN: Physical model study. SETTING: Laboratory in a university teaching hospital. INTERVENTIONS: We applied pressure-control ventilation to a helmet mounted on a physical model. In series 1 we increased CO(2) production […]

Pasqualucci A, Varrassi G, Braschi A, Peduto VA, Brunelli A, Marinangeli F, Gori F, Colò F, Paladini A, Mojoli F Abstract BACKGROUND: Efficacy of epidural local anesthetics plus steroids for the treatment of cervicobrachial pain is uncertain. METHODS: A prospective study randomized 160 patients with cervicobrachial pain resistant to conventional therapy. Patients were divided into […]

Via G, Braschi A Abstract In the last few years echocardiography has gained an increasing role in critical care settings as invaluable tool for hemodynamic assessment of the unstable patient, due to its unique features of dynamic bedside imaging technique which can yield both morphologic and functional information. The main characteristics of cardiovascular function can […]