The GRIP is a young team of researchers at University of Pavia. We foster a large spread of ideas, thus we are open to partnerships with other Universities and biomedical engeneering societies with the aim of designing and building new medical tools for Intensive Care. We never loose the adherence to clinical practice, the grip indeed.

Founder members

Francesco Mojoli

Dr Francesco Mojoli

Leader of the research group

Dr Silvia Mongodi


Dr Anita Orlando


Dr Marco Pozzi


Dr Guido Tavazzi




Honorary members

Antonio Braschi

Pr. Antonio Braschi

Pr. Giorgio Antonio Iotti



Dr. Luca Caneva
Dr. Giulia Salve
Dr. Sandro Pregnolato
Dr. Isabella M. Bianchi

PhD student

Dr. Eric Arisi
Dr. Valentino Dammassa
Dr. Margherita Cavagnino
Dr. Giada Bettini
Dr. Eleonora Pariani
Dr. Silvia Bonaiti
Dr. Francesco Daverio
Dr. Cinzia Lycia Villa
Dr. Caterina Sonnati 
Dr. Martina Moscariello
Dr. Maria Antonietta Forte

Past Fellows

Dr. Stefania Bianzina 

now in Genoa, Italy

Dr. Andrea Colombo 

now in Milan, Italy

Dr. Marta Luperto 

now in Paris, France

Dr. Sara Arnoldi 

now in London, UK

Dr. Aaron Venti

now in Lyon, France

Dr. Francesca Torriglia

now in Voghera, Italy

Dr. Andrea Stella 

now in Bergamo, Italy