Infectious Diseases

20Nov 2018

Bélaïd Bouhemad, Ophélie Dransart-Rayé, Francesco Mojoli, Silvia Mongodi   Ann Transl Med 2018;6(21):418   Abstract: Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) is the most frequent nosocomial infection in intensive care units (ICU) and is associated with increased mortality, use of antimicrobials, longer mechanical ventilation, and higher healthcare costs. Lung ultrasonography (LUS) can be used at the bedside and […]

29Jun 2017

Antonio Piralla, Francesca Rovida, Alessia Girello, Marta Premoli, Francesco Mojoli, Mirko Belliato, Antonio Braschi, Giorgio Iotti, Elena Pariani, Laura Bubba, Alessandro R. Zanetti, Fausto Baldanti PLoS One. 2017 Jun 7;12(6):e0178926. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0178926. eCollection 2017. Abstract Recent molecular diagnostic methods have significantly improved the diagnosis of viral pneumonia in intensive care units (ICUs). It has been […]

12Feb 2017

Rovida F, Piralla A, Marzani FC, Moreno A, Campanini G, Mojoli F, Pozzi M, Girello A, Chiapponi C, Vezzoli F, Prati P, Percivalle E, Pavan A, Gramegna M, Iotti GA, Baldanti F.   Euro Surveill. 2017 Feb;22(5). pii: 30456. doi: 10.2807/1560-7917.ES.2017.22.5.30456.   Abstract We describe a case of severe swine influenza A(H1N1) virus infection in […]

27Apr 2016

L. Caneva, A. Casazza, E. Bellazzi, S. Marra, L. Pagani, M. Vetere, R. Vanzino, D. Ciprandi, R. Preda, R. Boschi, L. Carnevale Crit Care 2016, 20 (Suppl 2), P049 Introduction: Low-dose vasopressin (VP) recently emerged as a promising therapy for septic shock[1]. The rationale for its use is the relative VP deficiency in patients with septic shock and […]

27Apr 2016

S. Mongodi, B. Bouhemad, A. Orlando, A. Stella, G. Via, G. Iotti,A. Braschi, F. Mojoli   Crit Care 2016, 20(Suppl.2), 94, P094   Introduction: Lung Ultrasound (LUS) is a validated tool for Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP) diagnosis [1] and monitoring[2]. Dynamic linear/arborescent air-bronchogram is specific for VAP. Methods: 2 patients suspected for VAP were examined before and after fiberbronchoscopy […]

31Dec 2015

Silvia Mongodi; Gabriele Via; Martin Girard; Isabelle Rouquette; Benoit Misset; Antonio Braschi; Francesco Mojoli; Bélaïd Bouhemad Chest. 2015. doi:10.1016/j.chest.2015.12.012 Abstract  Background  Lung ultrasound (LUS) has been successfully applied for monitoring aeration in ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) and to diagnose and monitor community-acquired pneumonia. However, there is as yet no scientific evidence about whether LUS reliably improves […]